Joey Anderson

Aaron Vickers

Anderson plays a sound defensive game and his smart positional play shows that he thinks the game really well. He displays a fluid and long stride, and is very agile, moving at high rates of speed and with lateral quickness. His puck skills are strong; not flashy, but he has control of the puck and protects it well with his frame while looking for a way to create a scoring chance by getting pucks to the net individually or passing to an open teammate. His quick shot release is very effective as he is very accurate when shooting the puck. His one-timer is heavy, but lacks consistent accuracy. He is effective in the defensive zone, getting his assignments taken care of, covering missed assignments, blocking shots and closing off lanes. He has the intelligence to understand his role on a top line as the guy who goes to the net and battles hard for possession. The Minnesota Duluth commit was a dangerous two-way threat on the U18’s top line all season. Anderson has his own impressive skill set and it would be a mistake to be seen as the guy who benefited from playing with Keller and Bellows. He is a hard-working, determined forward who will likely be a complementary piece to a top line at every level at which he plays.  (May 2016)