Joel Teasdale

Aaron Vickers

A smart player who sees the ice very well…reliable at both ends of the rink and has the creativity and awareness to be a key offensive contributor…agile skater who gets from point A to point B in good time…has good quick hands and can skillfully make difficult plays in order to create offensive chances…has good tempo to his game and has the passion to compete consistently…protects the puck well and has good offensive instincts…a great hockey mind to find gaps between defensemen and use this open spaces to his advantage…possesses a decent shot that he can consistently use to hit his target…takes the puck to the net and fights through traffic on the way…trusted by his coaches in all situations and used in critical times when the game is on the line…hard on the forecheck and pressures the oppositions defense quickly leading to numerous turnovers…if he can improve his skating and strength he could develop into a very strong two-way pro player.  (November 2016)