Joel Eriksson Ek

Darren Walker

Eriksson is yet another strong 200-foot player out of the Swedish system. He skates
extremely well and has a competitive streak that keeps him always hunting to make an impact. Very
skilled offensively and likes to drive the play to the net. Has some flashy puck handling skills he can
bust out if necessary to turn opponents inside out. Has a long reach and can change the angle on
an opponent in order to sneak around him. Sees the ice very well and gets to prime real estate to
receive pucks or make a big play. Not fearful to play the grinding, heavy game in high traffic to stir
it up. Has a potent shot that he can snipe some pretty goals with. He has a great shot release that
is quick and deceptive. Drives the net for rebounds and second chances. There is no quit in his
game as he battles until the very end. Uses his powerful skating stride to bull his way around
the ice and into greasy areas of the ice. Tremendous work ethic. He used his speed and size to
charge back on the back check and then add a hand with the breakout, being both a reliable
and responsible player. Supported in all three zones and in all corners of the ice, no matter the
situation. Can crush, and devastate with his checks when he wants to. Drops down low in the
defensive zone to help out and finish checks, not allowing his opponents any room to make a
play. Shows excellent puck protection using his large frame and strength to fight off checks
while being strong on the puck. Completes pinpoint passes that lead his man on the rush.
He keeps the puck close and exudes confidence as he moves through the neutral zone.
Remains anchored in the zone until the coast is clear. Angles his guys into no-man’s
land and physically impedes them in order to get possession. Has a good reactive stick
that he keeps in the kitchen of opposing players. Sees plays develop and gets in lanes
to anticipate movement. Was the top Swede at the April U18’s in Switzerland. He is
versatile player who can fill in different roles and will see his name on the back of an
NHL jersey very soon.  (May 2015)