Jimmy Lodge

Darren Walker

Lodge is a wiry forward who plays with good intensity and energy. His skating produces pretty good speed and acceleration and most certainly will improve with more physical strength. Still though, he uses his speed to maintain a relentless presence on the ice; on the forecheck where he’ll bury the defender, and on the backcheck. He’s very responsible in his own end and supports his defense well. He also keeps his head up when the puck is on his stick and shows the wherewithal or headiness to pull up and find the trailer or get a shot off, whatever the situation calls for. He has good vision and creative playmaking ability. Lodge possesses a hard shot that will only improve as he adds muscle to his thin frame. He uses his long reach to keep the puck away from defenders and their sticks and utilizes deceptive puck skills; can maneuver through traffic and finds tiny lanes to get pucks through to his teammates. He’s an intriguing mix of size, skating ability, and skill; that he sweats all over the ice is a great attribute to have. (May 2013)