Jesse Gabrielle

Aaron Vickers

Gabrielle is an all-around player who can excel in all areas of the game. The problem is: he goes through lazy, invisible stretches where he contributes nothing. When he is on, however, he possesses a quick and powerful stride, which helps him out of the gate and into top gear in a few steps. He is an agile skater who is solid in the dirty areas of the ice, buzzing around and shaking defenders with good edge work. His puck possession skills have evolved and his strength allows him to be a bull, when he is driving with the puck. He has a nice set of hands that can wow you with a dazzling move from time to time. His shot is potent, primarily possessing a high velocity wrist shot that is usually aimed for the top half of the net. Physically, his frame may be deceiving; however, Gabrielle is a gym rat and pound-for-pound probably one of the strongest and toughest available in the draft. He loves to crash the net and get in the gritty area in front of the net and in the corners. He loves to lay the big hit when possible and plays an intimidation style game, which he can back up with his fists. He agitates opponents to no end. He has to limit his erratic temper though, as it can get his team into penalty trouble. We don’t foresee him as an elite point producer at the NHL level, but has the potential to have some scoring pop. (May 2015)