Jesper Lindgren

Darren Walker

Lindgren is one of the most talented Swedish defensemen going into this draft. What is noticed the most is his hockey sense–it really stands out. He also shows some good hands, as he comes with speed across the offensive blue-line, toe-dragging a defenseman, or creating space with a stutter step before quickly blowing by an opponent to create an offensive opportunity. He is a very agile and fluid skater who is great at eluding pressure and turning the play up ice. He moves well with the puck at his top speed and will rush the play when he finds the smallest hole. Sees the ice well and is patient enough to not try to force bad passes. Lindgren is great coming out of his own zone and working the point on the power play, delivering seemingly simple feeds. He is a right-handed shot and while it may not be the most powerful, he is good at finding a shooting lane and creating some havoc at the very least. He uses his body to separate players from the puck but also has a timely ability to lift sticks and regain the puck. Lindgren defends well in his own zone by being a step ahead. Quickness and his senses have him all over passes through his territory. There isn’t much mass to him but he doesn’t shy away from any battles. Just a smooth, good all-around defenseman, but we don’t see him becoming a dominating physical presence ever. (May 2015)