Jesper Bratt

Aaron Vickers

Bratt is an offensively inclined winger who is dangerous with the puck in space. He is a strong skater who is powerful, and makes very good use of his edges to gain speed and explode in every direction. He is quick on his feet and incredible with the puck on the rush as he maintains possession at top speed and seems to do everything at an elevated pace. He is strong on the puck and possesses some quick, creative hands, allowing him to get fancy with the puck on the rush. However, he sometimes does a little too much, and can be prone to turning over the puck. Bratt is a slippery little winger who is elusive on zone entries as he looks to use his separation speed and puck protection to zip right around defenders. He has a nose for the net as he drives to the crease before either taking a shot, or hitting his man right on the tape in the high slot or at the backdoor. He has a nasty, quick release that comes right off the center of his blade while he is moving in on goal. Bratt anticipates developing plays in the defensive zone very well, and does a solid job of picking up his man and playing him tight when needed. On the penalty kill, he shows good awareness and anticipation, covering his area well. He’s the type of player who can either make a big impact on a game or be incredible hard to find. He is a player who could become a primary scoring threat after his game matures.   (May 2016)