Jeremy Roy

Darren Walker

Roy is a pretty pure offensive defenseman. He shows great poise and composure
when opposing forwards forecheck. He is effective, shows great vision and passing skills when he
makes a great outlet pass to begin the breakout. His strength is certainly in his passing. He passes
tape-to-tape and hits teammates in stride. He likes to rush the puck and does it pretty effectively, but
he does struggle a little at top speeds through the neutral zone. He seemed to fumble it a bit at his
top speed. He reads the situation well, knowing when to push it more or slow it down to wait for his
teammates to join in. He is pretty aggressive with his pinches, and creates loads of offensive opportunity
when he makes that gamble. His shot is extremely heavy from the point, but it is typically
all power and very little precision, missing the net often. He makes skilled passes and has great
vision, as well as the ability to become a great PP QB. He sees the ice, anticipates options and
reads the play in front of him very well. Very good at walking the blue line in the offensive zone.
His game revolves around his great offensive skillset and creativity. He is very agile in his
skating and very elusive when carrying the puck. His lateral quickness is the big reason why
so many opponents miss him when trying to attack the puck. His top speed would benefit
from another gear, but he moves well when in possession of the puck. Not overly physical
but he will battle hard on the boards. Defensively he will get his job done one-on-one with
good sticks checks. But in the defensive zone he can be caught running around and being
out of position at times.  (May 2015)