Jeremy Lauzon

Aaron Vickers

A solid, two-way, smooth skating defenseman. He is a very good skater, very mobile and
can switch direction easily. He accelerates quickly, making him hard to contain when he has the
puck along the walls. His feet help him evade pressure in the defensive zone and skate the puck
out. In the offensive zone his skating helps him walk the blue line and offer various targets to his
teammates, especially on the powerplay. He handles the puck well, controlling it and protecting
it on the rush. Can deke the first forward coming at him easily. His passing skills are pretty good.
His breakout passing is accurate, crisp and tape-to-tape. In the offensive zone his head is up
to see his options and he makes good decisions with regards to distribution. Has a heavy point
shot but passed it more often than he looked to get it on net himself. He can release a pretty
dangerous wrist shot at full speed on the rush as well. He plays a physical but intelligent game,
he won’t throw any useless hits that would pull him out of position. He angles opponents off to
separate them from the puck before turning back up in transition. Defensively, his positioning is
solid and keeps players to the outside, with his good skating and good pivots. He’s not beaten
by speed often.  (May 2015)