Jason Zucker

Aaron Vickers

A gritty and wiry competitor who has some decent skills and plays a intense two-way game. Skates well with nice two step acceleration and balance. Despite not being the fastest his quickness makes him dangerous. A tenacious forechecker who hounds the puck carrier and creates chances off of his hard work. Has a decent shot and nice touch around the net. Prides himself on being the rst one into the corners in battling for loose pucks. Is smart defensively and willing to block shots or take a hit. Is a timely scoring threat as his goals seem to come at big times. A competitive force who dos not mind physical play and does many of the little things right. Offensive upside looks as though it has some limits as he does not have the vision or creativity to consistently create plays. Size is also on the smallish side and you wonder if his style will get him hurt against bigger opposition. Tends to run himself out of options and tries to bowling ball his way through defenders where his lack of hand skills is noticeable rather than making a pass to open teammates. (May 2010)