Jason Dickinson

Darren Walker

Dickinson is a dynamic goal scorer who has tantalizing NHL upside. He has solid speed and a stride that is deceptive, able to turn on the jets and slip through seams with a crisp skating stride. He shows very quick hands, especially in tight spaces to give himself a bit of breathing room and back defensemen up. He’s got good hand-eye coordination which makes for impressive tips in front of the net. He makes good heady passes but is definitely more of a finisher than playmaker. He has a real quick shot that he gets off when you least expect it, ring with some velocity and real precision in his shots or an absolutely lethal one-timer. Dickinson’s intensity wanes from shift-to-shift. He has games where he tries to run opponents through the boards and others where he wants no part of that game. He’s very inconsistent by nature in his physical game. As he tries fighting through checks, he gets hauled down and has some issues with getting through traffic. He’s rail thin, and adding muscle is a necessity for his game to grow. (May 2013)