Jason Bell

Aaron Vickers

A raw but intriguing two-way defenseman. He’s got a nice frame and skates well for his size. Lots of power in his stride and in his edge work. Gets up to a nice top speed. He looks strong on his skates too. He is not afraid to help create some offense and is a regular threat to join the rush or at least smoothly advance the puck up the ice to kick off a transition play. He passes the puck very effectively, moving it fast and accurately to open teammates. His shot is very effective as well, he keeps his slapper low on the power play, and he can release quickly with good velocity. He can open shooting lanes with his ability to walk the blue line. He does have a few issues defensively, including getting caught standing still in the neutral zone watching the play and, on occasion, letting players sneak in behind him. He also can get exposed against the forecheck, which negatively affects his outlets. He doesn’t show off a massive physical presence, entering corners a tad too passively. He tries to make up for that with some quick stick work, seemingly being more of a cerebral defender than a brute force type of guy. Despite not being small, he does get thrown around physically by some of the Q’s forwards, and tends to play very soft on the boards. At times this season, the play got a bit too fast for him in his own zone and he was caught out of position. Will need lots of growth in his game, but does have some intriguing potential to build upon. (May 2015)