Jarrod Maidens

Aaron Vickers

A strong power centre with goal scorer’s instincts. Not a pylon but could use work on his first few steps and edge work for quick turning. Has a very deceiving skating stride that generates a very good amount of straight line speed. His shot is his biggest strength as it is pro-caliber and dangerous when he gets into the offensive zone. Uses his size to protect the puck and drive into the greasy areas for a scoring chance. He thinks the game quickly and shows solid maturity in his overall game. Wants to win and shows the work ethic and leadership to take charge and lead by example. Could use some added strength but uses what he has to battle for pucks and bring a hard forecheck. He is not a fighter but will stand up for himself and is projected to play a power forward game at the next level. His draft season was not what he wanted it to be to say the least as he struggled with concussion symptoms all year. His potential is first round worthy but injury concerns push his stock down. (May 2012)