Jarret Tyszka

Aaron Vickers

Tyszka is a big and mobile blueliner with strong two-way instincts. He is a strong skater, who uses his long strides to make up ground lost, when forwards get behind him. He has quickness and good edge work, although he needs to fill out to generate more power. He also does a good job of using his vision to read where a play is going and anticipating in time to make a play. He is a smooth puck mover who hits the streaking man and chews up open ice in front of him. Assesses play well and skates the puck around, shows patience and poise as he circling back from neutral ice if he doesn’t like his options up ice. He plays the PP point using his vision to dish the puck to open teammates or pinch low in the zone as needed. His wrist shot is average, but more effective than his slap shot that takes too long to get off. He puts his wrist shot in places that help create second chances off rebounds or tips. He defends well but doesn’t use his physical abilities enough. He usually chooses the correct times to pinch or try to make a play. When he does make a mistake, but instead of getting down and coasting he skates hard back and uses his stride to recover. He has a long reach and should pack on some considerable muscle before he gets to the NHL level. He is a big, rangy left-shot defenseman, who shows glimpses of skills that should translate as a solid NHL blueliner.