Jared Hauf

Aaron Vickers

Hauf is a massive, defensive blueliner. He generates big, long strides but without a ton of power behind them. Like with most big men, his transition from front-to-back is pretty clumsy and could use quite a bit of improvement. He can bang the puck off the glass and make a pass or two out of his own zone but he is not a puck mover. He has a hard slap shot but his wind-up is far too long and doesn’t have a great wrister to fall back on. He has the size that NHL scouts drool for in defensive defenseman. He doesn’t always use his strength and long limbs as effectively as he could. Will battle in the corners but won’t aggressively try and go at people like he could. He does not actively look for the big hit, but does make his presence known in front of the net and along the boards. He uses his long reach to control the gap and uses his size to make sure no forward is left unchallenged as they drive towards the net. He comes with a massive wingspan and will block shots, but there seems to be a few key things missing in his game such as heart and effort that would push him higher on this list. He still has the size and raw potential to develop into something down the road. (May 2013)