Jansen Harkins

Darren Walker

A smart and strong two-way center. Not a flash and dash guy but instead manufactures
offensive chances with good puck movement and taking it to prime scoring areas. Harkins consistently
showed he can think the game at an elite level, which somewhat masks some inefficiencies
in his game. His skating consists of short quick steps to get started and then he has a long, somewhat
lumbering stride. Regardless of how it looks, he does get to where he needs to in decent time.
Despite not being the most dynamic or creative minded with the puck, he protects it well. Harkins
moves the puck firmly and with accuracy; however, he could work on spreading the puck around
more, especially off the rush. Is not an especially creative passer but he does make a solid pass
and has a heavy shot and can pick corners. Harkins has solid size and is stronger than his current
weight suggests. He uses his strength and leverage to be successful in board battles and
is extremely tough to knock off the puck. He also plays with intensity and purpose. He makes
extremely intelligent decisions when under pressure and in one-on-one situations he uses
his long limbs and quick stick to dance around players. Harkins has a solid understanding of
center play, likely from being the son of former NHLer Todd Harkins, and is probably more
likely than many his age to remain a center at the NHL level. He swings low in his own end
to support the D and the extra space he affords himself moving forward allows him to attack
with built-up speed. Harkins is a responsible defender and important penalty killer.
Harkins’ understanding of positioning and defensive systems is very advanced. He is
a well-balanced and polished player who can be effective playing a blue-collar game
throughout a line-up.  (May 2015)