James Winkler

Darren Walker

Winkler is your prototypical power forward. He play’s an effective north-south game, has the size and skill to be effective offensively and comes back to help on defense. Winkler boasts some impressive skills on offense, with his main weapons being his shot and his size. He likes to use his size to his advantage with the puck, as he has the ability to muscle through checks, and to come out of the corners and off the walls with the puck and create a scoring chance by powering toward the net. He has a heavy, pro-caliber wrist shot with a quick, deceptive release. Winkler can also distribute the puck, and makes a solid cross-feed off the rush. He finds his teammates quickly and shows an understanding for how to use the players around him to create scoring chances. Winkler has some trouble with his mobility, as he is somewhat slow footed and has an awkward stride that ruins his ability to build speed. Winkler gives a good effort away from the puck, supporting his teammates effectively, and playing a decent physical game and defensive game. He doesn’t throw a ton of big hits, but he’ll use his size on the walls to come away with the puck and he’ll take advantage of his strength to power his way into scoring situations. Defensively, Winkler uses an active stick and takes advantage of his reach to get into lanes and take opportunities. (May 2014)