Jakob Chychrun

Darren Walker

Chychrun is a physically developed, two-way defenseman who drives the play. He loves to skate the puck up ice, but knows his limits as he is fast to retreat at the first sign of a possession change. The son of former NHLer Jeff Chychrun, he is a smooth, mobile, effortless skater with fluid movements and incredible all-round mobility. He uses his edges with precision to explode off the start and change direction in a flash. His movements in every direction are powerful, smooth and controlled. Quick bursts of acceleration make Chychrun a threat from being stationary as he explodes and moves in a hurry. A smart defender who defends well in all areas, he does a very good job of angling his check wide to the outside upon entry and has good timing with his stick and knows when to step in with the body. He isn’t going to step in and level a player on every play, but he will use his frame consistently to his advantage in outmuscling the man from the puck and removing him from it entirely. Chychrun possesses incredible hockey sense and adapts to his surroundings quickly and effectively. He reads the play very well and does the little things right with and without the puck. He acts like a general on the ice, guiding his backcheckers on whom to cover. He controls passes with poise, reading the developing play, quickly adjusting his positioning and opening his body to receive the pass; he receives it as smoothly as can be before turning his attention to distributing or getting it to the net. Chychrun thinks quickly to be able to control the pass and turn to the net with a quick stickhandle and hard wrist shot. He settles bouncing pucks with poise and speed as he continues up ice or laterally with no hesitation. Chychrun will go to war on the wall to get the puck off the man, and makes no mistake in getting it out of traffic to open space. With the puck, he shows off his creative side, making a few little moves to get by opponents. He has a big, heavy shot that he gets all of his weight behind and has no trouble blasting.  (May 2016)