Jake Ryczek

Aaron Vickers

Ryczek is a smart and active defenseman who jumps into the rush, but also is a steady presence in his own end. He reads the developing play well at the offensive line and jumps up when he can to knock pucks down and keep the play alive. He will join the rush as the focal puck carrier or support the play to provide a late option. He is a fairly unpredictable player, as it seems hard for opponents to react to what he was doing with the puck in different situations. He has good patience with the puck and a pretty good shot off the point as he moves to open up lanes. Ryczek has incredible vision and touch on his passes. His skating ability is strong and nimble, and he has powerful edges in all directions. He has very quick burst in small spaces for a defenseman. Ryczek has strong ability to rush the puck and get back to his position to take care of his responsibilities in timely fashion, rarely making any type of mistake. He isn’t very big, but he holds his own in the defensive end. He’s not a guy who wins all his physical battles, but he does engage and will be harder to handle as he adds more strength. He is a pretty good defensive guy who keeps pace thanks to an active stick and solid foot speed to keep gaps tight. The only issue here is his overall size and strength. Ryczek will need to put on some muscle and continue to better his skating to become an effective player at the next levels. This Providence College commit is a nice hybrid-type defender who is a bit raw, but has some intriguing upside.   (May 2016)