Jake Massie

Aaron Vickers

Massie is strong on his feet, very balanced and is eager to use his body on the wall to his advantage. He is a smooth-skating defender who moves at high speeds with and without the puck both efficiently and effectively. He moves in all directions effortlessly and skates with quick and smooth strides. Plays his man very well by driving him to the outside and using his stick and body to remove the puck from the man. He is very active, always anticipating and reacting in advance of the play, not standing still and making a noticeable impact on the ice. Is one to finish his checks and finish them well. He brings a take no prisoners approach by not letting the opposition feel comfortable just inside the blue line or deep in the zone. Massie distributes the puck well on the breakout and in transition, contributing to pushing the play forward whenever possible. When looking for a breakout pass, he doesn’t hesitate or get flustered when pressured; instead, he regroups and takes what is available even if it is just a quick dump in behind the net. He has good recovery ability, quickly pivoting when beat at the blue line and racing back to the puck, using angles to reduce the effectiveness of the opposition. The most impressive aspect of Massie’s game is his anticipation; the kid is always in movement and is constantly processing the game around him. (May 2015)