Jake Jaremko

Aaron Vickers

Jaremko is an offensively-skilled forward who is always a threat with the puck. His first few
steps are very quick and powerful, allowing him to get up to high speeds quickly. Once at full
speed, he is shifty and controls the puck with ease. Once set up in the offensive zone, he can
identify all possible targets and get them creative passes. Impressive in how he moves with
the puck to draw defenders to him in order to create space for his teammates. He knows that
the defense knows he is dangerous with the puck and uses that to his advantage. He is very
creative in one-on-one situations, showing the ability to deke through and around defenders
and often make something out of seemingly nothing. His most dangerous asset is his shot. He
has a wicked wrist shot and can pick corners at will. He also does not lose any velocity on his
shot when he shoots on the move. His favorite move in the offensive zone seems to be skating
to the middle and shooting back across his body to the side where the goalie came from. He is
the type of offensive threat that makes you pay every time you give him time and space. It is a
different story in the defensive zone. He is still a work in progress there. He knows where to be
and supports the play well, but needs to show more consistency in smarts and effort. He does
not always get back to the zone in a timely matter and sometimes looks to flee the zone in hopes
of a homerun breakout pass. He is committed to MSU-Mankato.  (May 2015)