Jake Guentzel

Darren Walker

Guentzel is a small but highly skilled and smart forward. A big time draft riser late in the year, he does not have a high end gear but his speed is improving, much more quick than fast; not the type to beat you wide, but has the speed to force defenders to change position because it’s deceptive. He shows the ability for quick lateral change of directions and shiftiness. Physically immature, he does a good job of staying engaged each and every shift. Possessing outstanding hockey sense, the puck follows Guentzel around and he just sees things before they happen out there. He has a good shot that will not often overpower a goal- tender but he uses it to create secondary chances. He sees the ice and his linemates as he has very impressive vision and makes quick and accurate passes. He constantly creates every time he hits the ice and when he doesn’t have the puck he is a nuisance on the backcheck, disturbing the puck carrier and stealing pucks. He has good compete and defensive awareness. Mentally, he seems to constantly be a second or two ahead of his peers. Size and strength are the only real drawbacks with this draft riser who was on re producing over two points-per-game towards the end of the season. (May 2013)