Jake DeBrusk

Darren Walker

DeBrusk is a heads up player, always aware of surroundings whether with or without
the puck. He receives the puck extremely well and is also very good at getting into position to take a
pass. While crashing the net often, he’s not just a pure grinder type. He picks his spots well, times his
plays well and sniffs out open areas of the ice around the crease. Has a good wrist shot with a snap
release that is always a threat to pick a corner on even the most well-positioned goalie. Possesses
very strong decision making. He makes quick decisions and rarely makes a bad play regarding his
positioning or play with the puck. He often makes quick little give-and-go passes both in the neutral
zone and offensive zone and that really allow him to drive lanes, open space and create offense.
While not elite, speed is quite solid and his balance is very good. He rarely gets knocked off the
puck or off stride and that balance is huge for him when he hangs out around the blue ice looking
for loose pucks. He sees time on the PP and is dangerous on that unit. He primarily plays
down in the right corner, his off-wing, but rotates all over the ice. He also saw time in front of
the net, back on the half-wall on the left-wing as well as even floating back to the point a time
or two to provide support during rotation. Debrusk shows tenacity in puck pursuit, awareness
of his positioning and support of his teammates along the boards. On the offensive side of
the puck is where he really excels. He reads the play extremely well with a very high-end
level of offensive timing. His understanding of positioning and timing is what leads to a
number of his chances and goals. He simply has a goal-scorer’s mindset. His offensive
capabilities aren’t cutting edge or a notch above the top of the draft class, but he is a
crafty player who is consistently a threat to hurt the opposition. His overall consistency
is something that has also been extremely impressive as the year has gone on.  (May 2015)