Jaimen Yakubowski

Aaron Vickers

Yakubowski is a short but thick-bodied, hard-working winger. He’s a solid skater who generates good speed from his short but strong strides. He drives the puck down the oppositions gut, right down the slot towards the net every chance he gets. He has a very hard shot that although could be a bit more accurate he gets off quickly and often. He can be a streaky scorer with decent vision but will never be mistaken for the next Adam Oates. Yakubowski is a strong penalty killer who will do whatever it takes to get the win. He has a really strong physical game, hits to hurt and really relishes contact both giving and receiving. He’ll drops the gloves to defend himself, his teammates or just to make a point. He has a very strong, pest-like quality which will likely be his game at the next level. Extremely intense competitor. Yakubowski is a real team-first player who competes each and every shift. He has very intriguing leadership qualities. Despite being a second time eligible player, this spunky forward has NHL teams talking this time around. (May 2013)