Jacob Trouba

Aaron Vickers

Trouba has great size and a very strong two-way game. He has excellent feet, his footwork is impeccable and he’s very strong on his skates. He has great balance and a clear strong foundation as he generates a lot of power in his checks from his legs. He has enough speed to recover if beaten and also leads the puck up ice. He has very good acceleration. He reads the play well and takes care of his zone first but will join the rush when he sees fit. He anticipates well and gets into lanes to break up passes, block shots or step into players. He is a willing physical participant. He uses his size and strength to play a punishing physical game against all who challenge him. He makes a good first pass and has the ability to hit a teammate tape-to-tape with a long home run pass. He has an effective slap shot that is heavy and accurate. He shows his intelligence on the ice by making quick, strong decisions, reading the play in his own end and closing off lanes with his body or long reach. He is a very instinctual player and always seems to be in just the right position to protect his net, even when engaging in board battles along the wall. (May 2012)