Jacob Sweeney

Aaron Vickers

Sweeney is an excellent defensive d-man with an added offensive touch. If he is playing well he is the kind of player who you don’t notice during a game, but he does his job extremely well. His mobility is good considering his size, but he could be more explosive in his first step acceleration. His defensive play is strong in that he is always well positioned in his own zone, using his long stick very well to break up opponents’ plays. He is patient defensively; he doesn’t pinch/ jump in when he knows there is a chance he could get beat. He is a good backward skater, fast and fluid stride. He is on the ice for every penalty kill and plays effectively in that role. He is his coach’s go-to guy defensively. He wins most of his 50/50 battles along the boards, is very strong to muscle around opponents and to protect the puck. He definitely loves to throw a few big hits, but does so smartly. He brings an offensive element as well, but this offensive sense is definitely not his main strength. Makes a strong outlet pass. He has an effective slap shot. While he doesn’t always try to hammer it through the boards, it is a weapon because he places it correctly for tips, deflections or rebound chances. He works hard, skates hard and delivers checks for the whole sixty minutes. (May 2015)