Jacob Paquette

Aaron Vickers

A no-frills defender who possesses the desired NHL size, physicality, mobility and defensive strength to be effective as a two-way guy…aware in all areas and reads the game well…skating technique is excellent…has the ability to keep up with the most fleet footed opposition…dishes crisp passes that lead the man and find the tape perfectly…possesses a pretty hard slap shot, though the release needs work…defensively he does a good job of indemnifying his man, sticking to him and rubbing him out along the wall…playing the man one-on-one he reads what is happening next well, anticipates and reacting quickly…strong defender who is solid on his feet…likes to play physical by stepping forward and finishing his checks…strong on the penalty kill, playing his man hard and engaging on the wall, pinning against the boards and killing time…wins the majority of puck battles he engages in…has the pro potential to be that real solid, dependable defense first defender that can move the puck up ice.  (November 2016)