Jacob Moverare

Aaron Vickers

Moverare is a quick-thinking, strong, two-way defender. He moves well up ice with the puck as he surveys his options and makes hard, well-timed passes. Moverare shows good mobility, but is slightly choppy in his skating when moving with the puck. In the offensive zone, he is an aware defender who reads the play very well and adapts his positioning accordingly. He quickly receives a pass and can distribute through small spaces using his vision to see open lanes. On top of that, he possesses a big, powerful slap shot that can get through traffic thanks to exceptional weight transfer and form. Moverare can lead the rush with his ability to accelerate quickly, and is very good at shielding the puck with his frame. He is a composed defender, and is very steady in his defensive positioning. He works hard, and is a leader out of the ice. Moverare is a very tough kid to get around; he will make you work for every inch of ice. He shows smart decision-making on the ice, often using a deke or quick change of direction to buy himself some time when under pressure from the forecheck deep in his own zone. He is a defenseman who plays a steady game that is not overly flashy, but is effective in all zones and in all situations.   (May 2016)