Jacob Larsson

Darren Walker

Larsson is a smart player who sees the ice well; he is cognizant of his surroundings
and dishes some strong passes on the tape. Has a graceful skating style with beautifully executed
transition and adequate speed. Good mobility and decent lateral movements to go with his exceptional
balance go a long way. Very agile and has an ability to shake opponents when playing the puck in
his own zone, finding routes and escaping checks. He has a strong first pass and hits his mark more
often than not. Makes some hard passes to spark the breakout, even doing so with a fore checker
pressing. He does a great job of seeing his targets on the breakout and is patient with the puck.
Moves well along the o-line and will jump into the play if necessary to keep play in the zone. Isn’t
afraid to step up in the offensive zone to get pucks to the net. Able to get pucks through to the net
with accurate wrist or quick slap shot. Larsson has a bit of an edge defensively and competes
to assert his position on the ice. Has good awareness in the defensive zone, creatively moving
pucks along in the zone and avoiding turnovers deep. Sound positioning and an active stick
with good hand/eye coordination make him tough to beat. He follows plays to eliminate second
chances and smothers opponents. Played the penalty kill and powerplay well. On the
PP point he gets pucks through traffic with his quick wrist shot that he can let loose just off
the ice and on net. From point, Larsson likes to shoot low in hopes of creating a rebound.
Works the puck around the offensive zone very well and sets his man up with a pass
before repositioning himself for a one-timer on the potential pass back. In one-on-one
defensive situations, Larsson likes to use his physical play, using his body to make the
opponent lose control of the puck or disrupt their lanes. Larsson shows great hockey
sense by recognizing each situation and making the simple, most effective play. He
talks on the ice as well as pointing for open passes, communicating regularly  (May 2015)