Jacob de la Rose

Darren Walker

De la Rose is a powerful two-way winger with good grit. He has a strong smooth stride that generates good power and balance as well as some decent top speed. Not the most agile, but he gets to where he needs to be, making quick cuts here and there and is hard to handle. He has decent hands that allow him to handle the puck but is not one to weave and deke his way through traffic, opting to keep things simple. He has a good shot that has some oomph behind it and similarly throws his weight around and dives into puck battles where his strength allows him to win the majority. De la Rose can lay some devastating body checks and is defensively responsible, coming back and making himself an option, picking up any free skating opponent and disrupting the ow with his frame and an active stick. He will develop into a top PK option for the team that drafts him. Not a lot of offensive sense or anticipation, but he is serviceable at doing the dirty work and being a complementary winger for a skilled centre. He is a hard worker who leads by example and likely gets a letter on his jersey before too long. The thinking that de la Rose possesses limited offensive upside for the next level is what has his stock dropping from once being considered for the first round. (May 2013)