Jacob Cederholm

Aaron Vickers

Cederholm is a big and strong stay-at-home defenseman. A very powerful defenseman who plays with some edge, he doesn’t shy away from physical play and likes to take advantage of his mature frame on other players. Hard to get by, he holds his blue line well and doesn’t allow his opponents much space, rubbing them out along the boards when the opportunity presents itself. His passes are typically strong and usually accurate, and he sees his passing lanes very quickly. Cederholm is very conscious in his own zone; he avoids turnovers or mistakes by playing a simpler game. Defensively, he is a stalwart, using his big frame and skating ability to shut down even the quickest of forwards. Positionally sound with a smooth skating stride, Cederholm excels at shutting down the opposition. He has a booming shot that, while not always accurate, is still an offensive weapon. While not a regular offensive contributor, Cederholm chooses carefully when and when not to jump into the play. With the puck on his stick, he makes quick decisions, and seems calm and cool under pressure. Cederholm is excellent at shielding the puck with his strong frame before making a safe play. Everything he does seems smooth and polished, but with very little offensive flash. He reads and reacts to the play well, and makes good choices about when to hold his defensive positioning and when to leave his position to help along the boards. Cederholm has some untapped offensive upside yet to be realized.  (May 2016)