Jacob Bryson

Aaron Vickers

Bryson is a smaller, but highly skilled, defenseman who is effective in both the offensive and defensive zones. He is an above-average skater and displays strong ability to get back into correct position after jumping up on the attack or when retreating after pinching in from the blue line. He is quick and agile, able to dart laterally and skate around defenders or forecheckers. His hands are ultra-quick and creative with the puck. Bryson can quickly deke past his check at the point and cruise in closer to the net for a better look. He has a strong shot with little wind up, and gets it through lanes and on net. Bryson has solid vision and keeps his head up, scoping out his options and delivering strong passes. His passing accuracy is inconsistent and he sometimes goes for the risky, creative play instead of the safe play. Defensively, he is a smaller-framed defenseman who compensates for his lack of size with his tenacity, sense of urgency and ability to quickly advance the puck out of his zone. Bryson can be hard to beat along the wall, and has a rather strong defensively active stick. His ability to pokecheck the puck off the attacker, dead ending the attack, is efficient and impressive. He compensates for his size with his mobility and stick play. He has the ability to generate and create scoring chances, and is extremely solid and hard to beat on the back end.  (May 2016)