Jackson Keane

Aaron Vickers

Keane is buzzsaw and his effort earns him some offensive chances. The son of former NHL player Mike Keane is an extremely fluid skater, reminiscent of Carolina Hurricane Jeff Skinner. His ability to edge while moving laterally makes him very shifty and hard to pin down. Keane is always looking to attack and he is very dangerous in the offensive zone. He has exceptional hands and the ability to beat a defenseman one-on-one. Very con dent and crafty with the puck, he always seems to be dangerous. Shows some high-end vision, feathering saucer passes and slipping pucks through tight seams. Hockey sense is elite as he knows where all of his team- mates are at all times and finds a way to make them dangerous offensive players by executing tough passes and opening up space with his footwork. While he is very creative, it seems at times that he can be unnecessarily fancy. He’ll have to learn to pick his spots better as he moves to higher levels of play. But overall he has very good instincts in the offensive zone and he has solid point potential moving forward. What he lacks in size, he makes up for in a willingness to engage physically and be a difference maker each shift. Keane wants to be in control and will go to the gritty areas in order to retrieve the puck and set something up. The University of North Dakota recruit is at the extreme of the bell curve in terms of height and weight and while he shows heart and grit in board battles, he definitely gets overmatched at times. With his solid offensive skill set and bloodlines, we are not betting against him. (May 2015)