Jack Sadek

Aaron Vickers

Sadek is an offensive-minded defenseman hidden in the Minnesota High School circuit. He loves to jump up in the rush and be an option on odd man rushes. His great straight line speed also allows him to activate on the rush. He handles the puck well and skates with his head up, evaluating his options all the way up ice. He distributes the puck with crisp, timely passes and sound decision making. Once settled in the offensive zone, his best weapon is his big time shot. He has a ton of power behind his slap shot from the point and gets it towards the net, not always on net, but usually in an area where his forwards can scoop it up and get a scoring opportunity. Defensively, he utilizes his skating ability to maintain solid positioning and keep up with those water bug type forwards. He possesses a good long reach and active stick to knock pucks out of danger and away from his net. He has the frame to add much more strength and will likely see more of a physical game develop during his time at the University of Minnesota and as he moves up levels, adding more mass to his slender build. He just plays the game within himself and does not try to be too ashy or do things that he is not sure he can. (May 2015)