Jack Roslovic

Aaron Vickers

Roslovic’s hockey sense is off the charts. He is able to make the right, safe plays quickly.
While he isn’t a flashy creative type, he is able to find open teammates and get the play moving,
no matter the pressure he faces from opposition. Fast feet help Roslovic accelerate quickly and
build up a head of steam as he drives down the ice with an eye on the net. He seems to slow
a bit in turns, but is nonetheless an agile player who can act like a bar of wet soap in defensive
coverage. He isn’t big, but is not afraid to use his body to finish his checks and to battle for the
puck. A relatively safe and smart player, he showed flashes of very good stick skills and is an
offensive weapon off the rush with his vision, creativity and playmaking skills. He has a very
deceptive shot: extremely quick and heavy relative to his size. He has been relied on as the
team’s top defensive center playing against the U18’s squad’s top opposition. Creates havoc
in the defensive zone by getting on opposing puck carriers quickly and blocking their lanes.
Employs an active stick and good mobility in his position to limits options. We think he has the
upside to become an excellent secondary scoring player at the NHL level who can also be sent
out to shut down the opposition’s top unit on a nightly basis.  (May 2015)