Jack McNeely

Aaron Vickers

McNeely is a mobile, defensively-sound defenseman. Displays very impressive defensive awareness and focus in his own zone. He supports the play well and never overcommits. He always opts for the safe play. He never takes unnecessary chances in the defensive zone. He excels on the breakout, utilizing many weapons to get the puck out of trouble. He makes a great first pass–always crisp and safe. The other way he breaks out is by skating with the puck. He has quick feet and great poise with the puck on his stick. He makes the quick decision to utilize his mobility and skate the puck away from trouble. It shows his maturity, confidence and hockey smarts. While offense is not his game necessarily, he shows some upside on that side of the puck. He moves the puck well from the point and we think he will put up some points based on his hockey IQ and ability to move the puck. He seems to shy away from a lot of physical contract, but his impressive footwork and balance, combined with a long reach, make him an effective defender. Being a late birthday, McNeely will get a lot of time to develop in the College ranks, and could be a guy you see being picked up via free agency after his stint at Nebraska-Omaha. Has a high motor, and is constantly working hard against the opposition. Excellent work rate and determination will continue to bolster his chance at making a life playing pro hockey. We would love to see him let his shot loose more often. We really like his game and feel that scouts or NHL teams that want a mature, steady defenseman with room to improve will as well. (May 2015)