Jack McBain

Aaron Vickers

McBain is a sizeable and strong two-way pivot…he stands out for his vision on the ice, skill with the puck and strong work ethic, an excellent combination of attributes…skating stride is slightly upright and rigid, but he utilizes long strides to generate above average straight-line speed…ability with the puck is far beyond his years…patient enough to wait for a play to develop before distributing the puck but is comfortable finding the soft spots in defensive coverage…uses his quick release to create a scoring chance as well…his shot is very good…has the ability to receive a pass in stride and fire a shot with good power and accuracy quickly…takes care of his responsibilities in the defensive zone and positions himself well to make a play on loose pucks…he could stand to be more physical, but his ability to close his opponents off along the boards and use his long reach to block passing lanes is still an asset…a very committed and tireless worker, he makes a consistent effort to be an impact player on the ice…he could become a tremendous two-way player at the NHL level. (July 2017)