Jack Lafontaine

Aaron Vickers

Lafontaine is a positionally sound stopper who stops the pucks he should with sound technique rather than flashy saves. He shows sound fundamentals and a strong hockey sense. Lafontaine has quick lateral movement and seals off the ice well. A smart keeper who reads the play well, Lafontaine gets himself square to the shot and has the quickness to get in front of rebound chances. He doesn’t need to make many outstanding athletic saves, but he has the ability to make the desperation save due to impressive flexibility and dexterity. He makes conservative, yet smart, decisions on when to keep the play going or when to freeze the puck. Lafontaine has the impressive ability to leave his crease, stop the puck along the wall or behind the net and send a breakout pass right on his defender’s tape. He comes out aggressively to challenge the puck carrier, showing a nice blocker and a quick glove hand as well. He has good communication with the skaters in front of him, constantly barking out instructions to his defense. Lafontaine exhibits poise and focus in the crease, finds pucks through traffic and tracks them right into his chest or glove. This Michigan recruit looks like he could certainly continue the trend of NAHL-drafted goaltenders we have seen in recent years.   (May 2016)