Jack Kopacka

Aaron Vickers

Kopacka is a player with quick-strike offensive abilities, which are evident in his tenaciousness in puck pursuit as he takes direct routes to pucks with an ability to find the back of the net with little time and space. He does display a bit of an awkward stride and lacks an explosive first step, but still manages to generate good to above-average speed once he’s able to generate momentum. Kopacka is a player who likes to engage physically, and throw some bone-crushing checks on the forecheck; he follows through and finishes his checks rather than letting the opposition off the hook. Offensively, he is strong off the cycle and works the half boards effectively, shielding the puck well on net drives or showing a willingness to thrive in high-traffic areas. With quick hands and little hesitance to get to the gritty areas of the rink, Kopacka is most dangerous in tight. He also shows an uncanny ability to find soft spots in defensive-zone coverages, which allow him to get off his lethal shot that features a quick release and impressive accuracy. He finds a way to make an impact at both ends of the rink. While his consistency may be an issue, Kopacka combines solid physical attributes with a versatile skill set to become a highly intriguing prospect.   (May 2016)