Jack Glover

Darren Walker

A player who had an up and down season for the U.S. National Pro- gram, Glover is a highly talented offensive defenseman with good pro upside. While some were disappointed with his season performance, Glover is a strong puck-moving defenseman who sees the ice extremely well with the puck and is aware of the situation in front of him. He is always poised and calm with the puck, and doesn’t allow pressure to get the best of him. Glover is a strong passer who has the ability to stretch the ice and spring his forwards up the ice. He is also an efficient mover with a long, smooth stride that gets him from Point A to Point B effectively. He has smooth, uid footwork and is able to get out of troubling situations with the puck. Glover anticipates the play on offense well and knows when to jump into the action. He does a good job keeping the puck inside the offensive blue line and has a decent point shot; it is accurate, but not as hard as some of his counterparts’. Glover’s defensive skill mostly consists of a long, active stick, which he uses to force guys wide and take them off their intended angles. He closes lanes well and does a good job covering the front of his net. He showed a bit of a physical edge to his game at the U18 tournament, but his consistency in terms of playing a tough, hard-nosed game can improve. He uses his mobility well to stick with his man and has some shutdown skill and ability. (May 2014)