Jack Eichel

Darren Walker

Eichel is a very strong skater with excellent strength and power in his stride and the
ability to beat anyone he faces. He reaches top-speed quickly and is very agile and elusive. He is balanced
on his edges and possesses immense strength on his skates and the ability to control the puck
against pressure. Eichel is not a flashy guy, but instead he beats players with his power, reach and
quickness. He dodges players with smooth moves and he uses his strength to power his way past
players, transporting the puck around the zone with him as he analyzes his playmaking options.
He finds his options quickly and shows off his high hockey IQ and ability to create offense by setting
players up with crisp, creative feeds that break down the defense. Eichel also possesses a
powerful shot that he likes to get off from the high-slot. He uses his power and instincts to get
into position and then rifle one off at the net. He has a rising shot and it causes real problems
for goaltenders with the velocity and power behind his release. Eichel’s strength and power on
the boards helps him earn possession in battles; winning puck possession and maintaining
control under pressure. He uses his strength well to gain position and get his chances off. He
is hard to knock off the puck, and when he combines his speed, skill and strength, he is very
hard to contain and he becomes the best player on the ice. Eichel doesn’t lack effort on defense
either, as he plays his normal high-compete game and he gives consistent efforts at
both ends. He plays hard and supports the defense well down-low and in the slot area. He
is an efficient penalty-killer, playing an aggressive style, pressuring the point and causing
changes of possession at the blue line.  (May 2015)