Jack Campbell

Aaron Vickers

An athletic goalie that plays a reflexive style that allows him to make the big ashy saves at the big moments in the game. Has great side-to-side lateral mobility and gets up and down very quickly. Controls his rebounds well with quick but soft pads and by angling heavy shots to the corner. Has a very quick and ashy glove hand that takes away most of the upper portion of net. Tracks the puck well through traffic and shows a very high level of focus. Is mature beyond his years as he quickly puts bad plays behind him and focuses on the upcoming play. Is a competitor in the mold of Patrick Roy was and that along with his work ethic will help as he strives for an NHL job. Has a tendency to be either hot or cold and when he is cold he gets caught flopping around his crease too much. Consistency needs to be worked on. Could use some fine-tuning on his fundamentals as he often relies too much on his outstanding re ex and not enough on angles play or positional puck stopping. (May 2010)