Jaccob Slavin

Aaron Vickers

A minute munching puck moving two-way defender. Skates well straight ahead, powerful jump and can get up ice quickly but lacks lateral agility and
in his transitions. A good natured and very coachable kid who wants to work hard to improve his weaknesses. Savvy and poised, Slavin moves the puck well. Has good patience and excellent vision with the puck, sees all his options. Can pass using a soft touch and skate it up the ice as well, although his backwards and laterally skating hold him back in that regard somewhat. Proactive at reading developing plays and using his active stick or body positioning to disrupt. Plays with a patient aggressiveness as he lets the play come to him and then reacts. Has nice height but needs to add considerable muscle to his thin frame. A project type defender who has loads of promise and will be able to develop as he attends Colorado College after another year in Chicago. (May 2012)