Ivan Provorov

Darren Walker

Provorov is a smooth-skating, highly intelligent blueliner. He has great composure in
all zones and all situations. He never looks panicked. He shows that composure off by taking the puck
in his own zone, methodically escaping the forecheck before wiring a crisp outlet pass onto the tape of
the forward breaking out of the zone. He does this consistently and effortlessly. He really has a lot of
whip in his stick when he passes, and executes outlets in a flawless fashion. He shows off a nice low,
hard, accurate wrist shot from the point on the powerplay or his fantastic slapshot off the one-timer.
He can absolutely wire the puck with a shooting technique that is mature from top to bottom as he
is projected to be a threat at the NHL level as both a PP passer and point shooter. His composure
also comes into play in the offensive zone; either by making a really nice spin move when faced
with pressure or just making the simple dump where a teammate can retrieve it. Likes to carry
the puck through the neutral zone with a heads up style of play, holding off attacking sticks
while still drawing in defenders before making plays. He displays a strong sense of positioning
and decision making regarding when to join the rush. On the defensive side of the puck he
also shows well by displaying elite hockey sense. He reads the play exceptionally well and
knows his coverage assignment. Makes smooth plays to neutralize the attack and smart
reads. He uses his edges and solid footwork to maintain a tight gap as he skates backwards
over the red line. He uses his stick to steer the attacker to the boards, making one
quick hop to the left before poking the puck away and guiding the attacking player into
the wall. His plays both offensively and defensively are all done in such a fluid motion
and in such quick succession that he really makes it look easy. Provorov is also very
clever in using his 200-pound frame. He can throw a surprising and punishing check,
and he seems to always engage using his thick body a split second before the opposing
checker, gaining inside position on the puck.  (May 2015)