Ivan Kozlov

Aaron Vickers

A goal scoring winger who relies on his speed, intelligence and shot…impressive speed and different gears at his disposal…his first steps allows him to reach his top speed quickly…really uses that jump when he sniffs an offensive opportunity…uses his speed to crash the net with the puck or get to there without it for a chance to tip it or collect a rebound…has a really good snapshot…his shot accuracy is impressive…knows where to go in the offensive zone without the puck before it gets there for a potential opportunity…possesses good awareness and on-ice vision…not afraid to get engage physically, take a hit to make a play, throw a check or get his nose dirty along the boards…supports his teammates in possession…marks his man defensively and stays with him…does not show the same energy on the defensive side of the puck as he does on the offensive side…has the potential to be a really strong goal scoring winger at the next level.  (November 2016)