Ivan Barbashev

Darren Walker

Barbashev is a very intriguing prospect who displays a very complete offensive game, combining size with skill and intelligence to make him a threat each time he has possession of the puck in the offensive zone. He is also a responsible defensive player whose compete level is very high. Barbashev moves very well on the ice, especially for someone of his size and strength. His stride is very effective and he does seem to have a fairly speedy top gear once he gets moving. His balance is impressive and combined with his size, he is difficult to separate from the puck when in posses- sion. Barbashev shows excellent poise with the puck. Patience combined with confidence makes him a threat to be dangerous with the puck in the offensive zone. He does not frequently use difficult moves and dekes, but rather uses his reach and body positioning to make it difficult for defenders trying to get the puck from him. He has excellent pass-receiving abilities both on his forehand and backhand, and displays a soft touch while handling the puck. Barbashev likes to get the puck on net and see where things go from there, an instinct that should transition well to higher levels of play. Multiple times a game, he throws it on net from unlikely angles in the hopes of generating rebounds in traffic. Good instincts and hockey sense. His wrist shot has a quick release, strong accuracy and solid power behind it. He has a solid frame and good balance on his skates. Finishes his checks well. He is not afraid to engage in physical play whatsoever and often benefits when the game is more physical due to his preferred style. He is able to use his size very efficiently to protect the puck. A smart player who rarely makes a bad pass, Barbashev’s passes are often on the tape with good velocity, and he can move the puck very quickly upon receiving it. He is relied upon in all situations and shows excellent work ethic each time he is on the ice. He plays well in all three zones and is capable of playing whatever style of play the game requires. (May 2014)