Isaac Ratcliffe

Aaron Vickers

A giant on the ice…a raw but skilled prospect with loads of potential…definitely uses his size to his advantage…has a mean streak and loves to throw his weight around setting the games physical tone…loves to finish every check and hits to hurt…for a big guy he is a very impressive skater…has a good shot that will only get better as he adds strength and continues to fills out his frame…this tower of a human uses his size to set screens on the power play where it is near impossible to move and to collect rebounds with his long reach…protects the puck using his body and reach…a real beast on the walls…shows very good hands for a big man, and his effectiveness in tight spaces is apparent in puck battles…his body size alone makes him an impressive prospect but when you couple that with his work ethic and his skill set he is a prospect that could have every NHL team drooling over him; as long as he lives up to his potential. (November 2016)