Igor Shvyrev

Aaron Vickers

Shvyrev displays good on-ice vision, can pass the puck and has smooth skating abilities, although he could use some added explosiveness in his stride. He can easily go north, south, east and west with his impressive agility and edges. He can really build up a solid head of steam, speeding into the offensive zone with the puck. Shvyrev has a solid shot that has impressive velocity, but he just does not use it enough. He knows where to be so he is just on the outside of defensive coverage awaiting a pass. His real strength is his ability to see the ice and make skilled passes, either on his forehand or backhand, and at varying ranges. Shvyrev can put the puck in open space for his linemates to retrieve or he can hit his target’s tape through myriad legs and sticks. He is not afraid to try creative plays and that makes him unpredictable, an asset for an offensive player. Shvyrev also knows how to find open lanes for receiving the puck, not just leaving his teammates to find him, but working just as hard to get open. He doesn’t necessarily play physically and is more often than not on the receiving end of hits, but it doesn’t seem to affect his game much. Even though he can sometimes lack competitiveness, combativeness and altogether gives up too easily on the defensive side, he is a developing playmaker with some offensive upside.  (May 2016)