Hunter Smith

Aaron Vickers

This mammoth winger is a feisty and relentless worker who also has some finishing skills around the crease. While he gets to where he needs to be on the ice, his skating is still a work in progress as it is with most kids his size. His feet will need to get quicker and he could use some lengthening of his choppy stride. Size and strength will not be a concern as he manhandles opponents at this level and has room for a good deal more muscle on his frame. Hard on the forecheck and owns the wall; if he gets into a puck battle, chances are he will come out victorious while his opponent will come out hurting. He uses his size, strength, balance and reach very effectively when handing and controlling the puck. His shot is also solid. Shows willingness and even an excitement to drop the mitts when the time is right. He is so strong and big that he has been a real weapon on the power play, disrupting the goaltender’s line of sight and being there to bang in any rebounds or redirect a blast from the point. His trajectory this season has been impressive and every NHL team would like to add a prospect like Smith to its stable. (May 2015)