Hunter Fejes

Aaron Vickers

A hard working two-way player who can play in any situation. He has a tendency to lose some speed because of some balance issues — he squats down a little too much on crossovers, forcing weight onto his heels — but other than that he’s got dynamic top-end speed, good explosion and strong edges. He used his speed to create turnovers on the forecheck and backcheck and even to spring himself for a breakaway. He shows ability to make passes under duress to set up teammates for shots on goal. He’s observant and aware of what’s going on in his own zone as he often picks up missed assignments or covers for players leaving position. He’s a tireless worker who consistently wins foot races and board battles. He’s not overly physical but plays with a good amount of grit. He can really shoot the puck and showed varying releases on his wrist and snap shots. He’s not afraid to use his backhand as well. He shows good instincts in terms of goal scoring. He drifts toward open spaces, toward the far post and toward the slot, waiting for the puck. He sees the ice well and makes crisp passes. He hasn’t been given a great opportunity offensively this year, but still managed to lead storied Shattuck St. Mary’s in goal scoring and was second in points. (May 2012)